What's New

14 August 1996
Finally, I added two new categories of fallacies I've been meaning to add for some time: Fallacies of Explanation and Fallacies of Definition.

10 August 1996
OK, it's been a while. But construction continues, just slowly (this is a hobby, after all). Anyhow, new today is a large section called the Categorical Converter. This is a part of the general expansion of the site that I have planned. Perhaps now I'll make Point's Top 5% of all web sites. Hmm?

05 February 1996
New resources section added.

02 February 1996
New title logo and menu buttons courtesy of Pixel Sight.

08 January 1996
Named Categorically Cool by Infi.net's Cool Site of the Day.

19 December 1996
Named EyeSite Site of the Day and Site of the Week by Eye Site Awards.

25 May 1995
Stephen's Guide to the Logical Fallacies is launched on the World Wide Web.